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To make York Gin, we use the traditional, centuries-old method of vapour infusion in a copper still.

Pure alcohol (made from Yorkshire grain) is heated in a copper still (essentially a very large kettle) to become a vapour. This vapour passes through a large basket of carefully chosen botanicals (herbs and spices which must, by law, include juniper berries). During the process, the alcohol takes on their flavours.


In addition, the York Gin distillery is run on sustainable principles, using 100% green energy to power the still.


London dry 70cl 42.5%

Chocolate Orange limited edition 70cl 42.5% 

Old tom 70cl 42.5% 

Grey Lady 70cl 42.5%

Outlaw 50cl 57% 

Roman Fruit 70cl 42.5% 


Flavours:- London Dry, Chocolate Orange, Old Tom, Grey Lady, Outlaw, Roman Fruit 

York Gin


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