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The Northern Fox Distillery produces craft spirits at the heart of East Yorkshire in the historic market town of Beverley. We have converted 3 copper pot stills (Vixen, Foxdog and Crafty) that were originally meant to be wood fired as our business has grown to allow us to stay firmly in our artisan roots.


Using only BRITISH grain spirit, filtered Yorkshire spring water and hand selected natural botanicals, with no additives, artificial flavourings or sweeteners. We strive to create artisan, hand crafted spirits, bursting with flavour that are not only unique but pay heritage to our beautiful Yorkshire culture and home.


50cl 40% abv 

Citrus gin is 45% abv


Flavours:- Dry, Pink, Liquorice root, Citrus, Honey Berry, Roasted Coffee 



Northern Fox Gin

PriceFrom £34.00

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